How Much Does Dr. Pol Cast Get Paid Per Episode? Know their Net Worth & Salary

If you think that the doctors are the heroes of our society that don’t get enough appreciation then, think about all their veterinarians out there who tend to our adorable pets and other animals. Veterinarians may not get the emotional gratitude they need but financially, it seems they make satisfying earnings for their salary. 2018 statistics show Veterinarian’s median salary to be over $93,000 while the top 25% best-earning veterinarian population earning an average of almost $125k.

This makes us curious about how big of a salary and net worth could ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’s cast possess. It may be easy to find out the main star Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth and salary straight off the search engine but what about the rest of his show’s cast members. What are the net worth of Dr. Brenda Grettenberger and that of Emily Thomas? Find out with the rest of the cast’s net worth and bio.

Image of The incredible Dr. Pol Cast's net worth and salary
Caption: The incredible Dr. Pol Cast’s net worth and salary

Dr. Jan Pol’s Net Worth & Salary

Dr. Jan Pol is the man on this list with the least requirement for an introduction. Born on September 4, 1942, in Drenthe, Netherlands, Jan-Harm Pol grew up around animals in a dairy farm. After helping deliver a piglet, Pol gave recognition to his dreams of becoming a veterinarian. He came to Michigan, the USA as an exchange student at the Mayville High School.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol's net worth and salary
Caption: Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth and salary

There he would meet his future wife Diane Pol who he would later marry in 1967. He returned to Netherland to complete his education, graduating from the Utrecht University Veterinary program. He came back to Michigan and after 10 years of working under someone else, he began his own veterinary practice which began from the couple’s own home.

Slow but steadily his practice grew to the present day which has had over 20,000 clients. Eventually, tales of The Incredible Dr. Pol began to get locally famous which gave birth to the reality series by the same name in 2011 on National Geographic. Since then Dr. Jan Pol has become a nationally and internationally recognizable veterinarian. Through his success, he enjoys a massive net worth of around $1.5 million with over $30,000 salary from the series alone.

Caption: The Incredible Dr. Pol’s new season clips

Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol are parents to three children; Charles Pol, Kathlene Pol, and Diane Pol Jr. Surprisingly, all three of their kids are adopted. Charles and Kathy were adopted at birth whereas their eldest daughter, Diane Pol Jr. was the daughter of a friend they fostered until she was 18 years old before finally adopting her.

Diane Pol’s Net Worth & Salary

Diane Pol is the wife of Jan Pol and who he has been with since the beginning. Born on February 6, 1944, in Mayville, Michigan, Diane Pol must have never even thought that this exchange student she met in her high school would be her husband and that because of him she will get to become a celebrity.

Image of Diane Pol's net worth salary
Caption: Diane Pol’s net worth and salary

Nevertheless, Diane Pol was as instrumental to her husband’s success as he was to her’s. Dr. Jan Pol initially wanted to start his practice in New Zealand. He could have gone anywhere else in the world too but it was his wife, Diane Pol’s home state in Michigan where he began his career. He began his career right out of their family home’s garage.

Instead of complaining, she chose to support her husband who was making quick progress upgrading his practice to double-wide trailer space next door. It will soon become a booming business. Furthermore, Diane Pol still helps her husband out to this day with both their clinic and the show.

Image of Diane Pol with her husband, Dr. Jan Pol
Caption: Diane Pol with her husband, Dr. Jan Pol

She is the administrative head of the Pol Veterinary Services and thus deserves an equally enticing net worth as her husband. She does get almost the same worth as it turns out that Diane Pol’s net worth is around $1 million with a salary of $25,000 per episode from the show.

Charles Pol’s Net Worth and Salary

The only son of Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol, Charles Pol you should be thanking behind the existence of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ Born on March 6, 1979, in Central Michigan, Charles Pol grew up helping his father in his practice so he had a real talent for helping animals. However, growing up he sought out a different career path which was in the entertainment business.

Image of Charles Pol's net worth and salary
Caption: Charles Pol’s net worth and salary

He worked for Nickelodeon for a brief amount of time where he got his million-dollar idea which was to make a reality documentary series out of his father’s interesting and colorful life as a veterinarian. This was after he already had gained very useful experience after working for companies like Paramount Pictures and Mirage Enterprises.

Charles Pol’s net worth through all his net worth stands at around $1 million. He is the executive producer of the show who also eventually stars in the series. As one of the most hands-on executives that we’ve seen, Charles Pol is certainly deserving of his large net worth. We don’t know his salary as a producer, but from a reality star’s perspective, he gets a salary of around $15,000.

Charles Pol will certainly live up his life happily with that amount of net worth especially now that he is a father. Charles Pol married longtime girlfriend Beth (Oakes) Pol in 2018, he became father to the couple’s first child, a daughter born on October 29, 2019. Their daughter’s name is Abigail Pol.

Image of Charles Pol with wife Beth and daughter Abigail
Caption: Charles Pol with wife Beth and daughter Abigail

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger’s Net Worth and Salary

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger is a doctor who has been part of Pol Veterinary Services for a long time. She was part of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ since its inception in 2011, and the only original cast member still among the 2020 cast. Grettenberger was born in the Eastern Rapids area of Michigan in 1967. She has a degree in Veterinary medicine from Michigan State University in 1992.

Image of Dr. Brenda Grettenberger's net worth and bio
Caption: Dr. Brenda Grettenberger’s net worth and salary

We have to give kudos to Brenda Grettenberger for her loyalty to Dr. Pol. She certainly is every bit worthy of her $300,000 net worth. Besides, she does have a lucrative salary of around $10,000 per episode from the show. Furthermore, sources have reported that she earns an annual salary of around $80,000 a year.

Dr. Emily Thomas’ Net Worth & Salary

Dr. Emily Thomas is one of the biggest fan favorites of the show. Unfortunately, Dr. Emily Thomas left the show in 2019. Technically, Dr. Emily Thomas left the show long before that but she had already shot enough scenes for the 2019 season. This left a lot of fans confused who kept hearing the news of her leaving the show and yet appearing in the 2019 season.

Image of Dr. Emily Thomas's net worth and salary
Caption: Dr. Emily Thomas’s net worth and salary

After all the confusion, Dr. Emily Thomas took to her blog to explain the reason as to why she left the show. According to her, her life at the Pol Veterinary Service was hectic due to a large number of clients with only a few staff members. The camera crew was also not helping by coming in the staff’s way. However, Dr. Emily does not even slightly regret working there and even says that she was able to make a lot of friends from the show’s camera crew.

Dr. Emily Thomas may have left the show but she still was a fan favorite since 2015 till her departure in 2019. If she also was earning a reality star’s salary of around $10,000 from the show, then we can see how her net worth could be approximately $200,000. She has moved to Virginia and is currently working at the Warren Country Veterinary Clinic.

Moreover, she has sold her house in Michigan for $160,000 and is living happily with her husband, and their 3 children together; India, Oscar, and Alvin.

Image of Dr. Emily Thomas's three children
Caption: Dr. Emily Thomas’s three children

Dr. Nicole Arcy’s Net Worth & Salary

Last but certainly not the least; we have the newest veterinary doctor to the list, Dr. Nicole Arcy. Dr. Arcy became part of the Pol Veterinary services since June 2018 but was only brought to ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ since February of 2019. We don’t know what the show was thinking, hiding an instant hit like Arcy behind the curtains.

Image of Dr. Nicole Arcy's net worth and salary
Caption: Dr. Nicole Arcy’s net worth and salary

Since she is new to the show, there is still a lot we don’t know about Nicole. However, we do know that she holds a BSc in Zoology from Michigan State University-Lyman Briggs as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Missouri. Nicole Arcy’s net worth and salary are under review right now but give her a little time and we are sure it will reach an astounding amount.

However, we have to think that she makes at least the average salary of veterinarians in Michigan, USA which is around $85,000.

FAQ about Dr. Jan Pol Cast’s Net Worth

1. How much is the Incredible Dr. Pol Worth?

Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth for 2020 is $1.5 million

2. How much does the Dr. Jan Pol make per episode?

Dr. Jan Pol’s salary per episode is $30,000

3. How much does Dr. Pol charge to deliver a calf?

There is no way we can know how much Dr. Pol charges to deliver a calf but there are various factors that affect the price of delivering a calf. This question asked in quora generated only one answer, “$200” with no explanation. It depends on the vet of course but taking the pregnant cow to the vet yourself will only cost you $25 to $40. Similarly, requesting a house call may cost you $65 to $100.

Finally, if complications arise then you will certainly have to pay any vet a larger amount. The most common complications lead to the requirement of a C-section which can cost you anywhere from $200 to $400.

4. How much does Dr. Pol charge for services?

As we said, Dr. Pol does not publicize the charge of his services. To be fair, you can’t exactly put a price on health and medicinal services as they change from case to case. However, Dr. Jan Pol is an advocate of affordable health facilities and treatment of animals. He does understand how many people don’t seek the proper treatment for the healthcare of their pets and farm animals because it is too expensive.

5. How much does Dr. Brenda make on Dr. Pol?

Dr. Brenda makes a salary $10,000 from the reality show and there are also a few sources that report her annual income to be over $80,000

6. How much does Dr. Emily make on Dr. Pol?

Dr. Emily used to earn a salary of $10,000 as a cast member of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ but now that she has left the show, she does not earn that wage anymore.

‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ Cast’s Net Worth

Dr. Pol Cast Member Net Worth Salary
Dr. Jan Pol $1.5 million $30,000
Diane Pol $1 million $25,000
Charles Pol $1 million $15,000
Dr. Brenda Grettenberger $300,000 $10,000
Dr. Emily Thomas $200,000 $10,000
Dr. Nicole Arcy N/A N/A

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