Matthew “Dixie” Dix from Maine Cabin Masters: Is He Married? His Wife & Net Worth

Maine Cabin Masters follows the professional life of a Maine contractor who renovates the decades-old cabin and transforms into a beautiful home. The show’s creator is Chase Morrill, who is a skillful homebuilder. The reality show Maine Cabin Masters aired on February 23, 2016, on DIY Network. The cast of Maine Cabin Masters includes Chase Morrill, Ashley Morrill, Ryan Eldridge, Matthew Dixie, and Jared “Jedi” Baker.

Here, we are going to discuss none other than Matthew Dix, who renovates cabins with his team in the remote places in Maine. Matthew Dix journeys across the Pine Tree State along with his team.

Who is Matthew “Dixie” Dix?

Matthew Dix is a professional carpenter as well as a reality star. He rose to fame after he made a debut on the television show Maine Cabin Masters in 2016. Like his co-star, Jedi, we have less information about Matthew in comparison to Ryan Eldridge.

Image of Matthew Dix aka Dixie is a carpenter

Caption: Matthew Dix aka Dixie is a carpenter

His real name is Matthew Dicks, and called by his nickname, “Dixie.” He is a regular cast member f the show and has appeared a total of 71 episodes. Dixie is a hardworking guy and works with full passion. He has numerous projects. The show is in its season five. Dixie’s castmate Morrill said the cabins are so crucial to their clients. Morrill added, they renovate the cabins so their owners can continue making memories with their loved ones.

Matthew Dix: Is He Married or Single?

Matthew Dix never spoke about his personal life in front of the camera. However, we do know that Dixie is a married man because he once said that his favorite tool is a bevel gauge. But the reality doesn’t mention the name of his wife. Additionally, he is living with his family in Maine.

According to the source, Matt loves Labrador Retrieves, and he would be a Labrador if he ever goes to be an animal. Dixie said they are loyal, loving, and always happy. Also, the reality star has not any social media accounts. So, it is pretty hard to say about his current relationship status. If we got any information regarding his wife and kids, we would update soon.

How Much Matthew Dix’s Net Worth?

However, we are lucky to find his net worth and salary that he earns from the show as well as ventures. Matthew makes a decent amount of salary from the show. However, Dixie hasn’t revealed his actual salary to date. Matthew Dix has a whopping net worth of $300,000.

In addition to his career, Matthew is a part of Kennebec Company, a company which retreats the old cabins to new homes.

How Old is Matthew Dix?

Matthew Dix was born in Maine. He talked about his parents when he appeared on the podcast From the Woodshed. Dixie said his mom and dad love toga spawned so much. He has a strong bond with his sisters. Also, he talked about growing up in Maine and his parts being a carpenter. When he appeared on the show, he always seemed calm and collected.

The interesting fact is, he and Ashley are childhood friends and had lots of mutual friends growing up. They used to hang out a lot. He also loves so much and takes care of any type of dog.

Social Media Presence

Dixie is not active in any social media. Unfortunately, it is sad news for those who want to know more about Matthew Dix.

Wiki Table

Name Matthew Dicks
Birth Date N/A
Place Maine, USA
Age N/A
Profession Carpenter
Net Worth $300,000
Nationality American
Nick Name Dixie

FAQ Section

  • What does Matthew Dix do in his free time?

Matthew Dix enjoys being the woods, hunting, fishing, and hiking.

  • Which is Dixie’s favorite place?

Dixie’s favorite place is anywhere in Northern Maine, the Moosehead area.

  • What is Matthew’s favorite tool?

Matthew’s favorite tool is his wife’s grandfather’s bevel gauge.

  • Where does he like to visit?

He likes to visit Alaska.

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