Who is Tricia Day [JJ Da Boss’ Wife]? Her Wiki, Age, Husband, Children

Today there are so many female racers in the ‘Street Outlaws’ that we can’t even keep track of all of them. However, while we’re talking about big-time racers like Precious Cooper and Mallory Gulley, we can’t leave out the one who began it all. We are talking about Tricia Day, a racer, but more importantly, along with her husband, JJ Da Boss runs the Memphis street-racing circuit.

It is time to learn everything we can about Tricia Day’s net worth and biography. Also, learn about Tricia Day’s married life, husband, and children.

Tricia Day’s Early Life is a Big Secret

You may know a lot about Tricia Day and yet know nothing about her early life, childhood, and family life. It is actually not your fault as even we hit a dead-end no matter how hard and innovatively we kept searching for Tricia Days’ early life biography. We don’t know if Tricia Day is just strictly secretive about that part of her biography, or she has never had to open up about it to the media.

Image of Street Outlaws' JJ Da Boss' wife, Tricia Day

Caption: Street Outlaws’ JJ Da Boss’ wife, Tricia Day

Whatever be the case, the fact is there is almost no info about her early life. We don’t even have the bare minimum, like her birthdate and age. While we have read the estimation of her age to be in her mid-40s, we doubt it may be a very inaccurate assessment done to make her age similar to that of her husband, JJ Da Boss, who is 47 years old. Our experts estimate her age to be much younger, in the range of mid-30s, which would mean that she was born in the mid-1980s.

Tricia Day’s Net Worth

Tricia Days also goes by the racing nickname of ‘Midget.’ It is a fitting name for her short stature, but at the same time, it is misleading, and people often underestimate her. Well, she proves them wrong with her impressive win to loss record. She may be short in height, but she can ride big machines like the ‘Ole Heavy to win big money.

Caption: Tricia Day racing

She eventually gets behind the wheel but is mostly helping her husband run the street-racing scene at Memphis. They run bet among two racers and often end up making some money on the side. The thing about gambling is that the House always wins after all. If we add the salary from that of an average American racer, which is between $16,000 and $166,000, we will surely get a large net worth.

However, we can’t forget that she and her husband earn a lot more through their betting endeavor. We fondly remember one of the nights the couple were on a roll and were able to earn over $5,000 in one night. That is a massive salary for just one night of racing. With income like that, Tricia Day’s net worth must at least be around $1 million. It is a net worth worthy of not just a racer but a reality star of ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis.’

Caption: Tricia Day and husband JJ Da Boss make $5,000 in a night’s winnings

Tricia Day’s Married Life with JJ Da Boss

Since we get to see a lot of Tricia Day with her husband, JJ Da Boss on ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis,’ we know how loving relationship the two share. We get to see inside glimpses of their married life but now hear the complete story of how they met and their marriage.

Image of Tricia Day with husband, JJ DA Boss

Caption: Tricia Day with husband, JJ DA Boss

Tricia Day hails from the same town as her husband, which lies just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, that had less than 700 people as its population. However, surprisingly the couple would not meet until both of them were adults, and JJ Da Boss was in his 30s. It is a strange occurrence considering how both of them were both in the local racing scene.

It was almost like a fairytale, though, as it did not take them long to hit it off. According to a February 2018 interview with JJ Da Boss, they were married for almost ten years back then. So, we can say that they have been married for around 12 years.

Meet Their Large Litter of Children

Tricia Day shocks us in many ways. First, we couldn’t assume her to be a mean racer, and now we couldn’t expect her to be a mother of not two or three but four children. They have three daughters and one son together whose identities the couples are not particularly keen on sharing with the media.

Image of Caption: Tricia Day with husband and her four kids

Caption: Tricia Day’s husband JJ Da Boss, and her four kids

Tricia Day technically is a mother to 11 children. On top of her own biological four children, she has seven step-children from her husband’s previous relationships and marriages. It is through her step-children that she and her husband are also grandparents to 5 grandchildren.

Two of their grandkids, Kam and Nova, are the result of the marriage between one of JJ’s oldest sons, Joshua Day and racer Chelsea Day, both of whom are also stars of Street Outlaws. You may remember Joshua from his racing nickname ‘Doughboy’ in the reality series. Along with Joshua Day, we also know the names of JJ’s two other children that are Whitney and Arlene Day.

Image of Joshua Day with wife Chelsea Day and their children

Caption: Joshua Day with wife Chelsea Day and their children

Tricia Day’s Relationship with Precious Cooper

If there is one woman, JJ Da Boss is very comfortable after his wife; it’s Precious Cooper. He was the one to introduce her to the scene and who always supports and promotes her. He even gave her the ‘Ole Heavy to race in which was previously his and his wife’s ride. So, many people were a little quick and rash to assume that something foul was brewing between the two.

Yes, we could see a spike in Google search for a possible extramarital affair at play. So, we will clear the air once and for all to tell those people how wrong they are. If anything, JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper share a relationship like that of a father and daughter after he began training her since she was 19 years old.

Caption: JJ Da Boss Gifts Precious Cooper his Ziptie Nova

He even recently gifted her with a new car to race on, which was a Ziptie Nova. Similarly, Tricia Day knew Precious Cooper since she was just a child, longer than she knew her husband, and over the years, the two have grown to be like sisters. JJ Da Boss even uploaded this picture of the three to show how nothing foul was at play among their relationship.

Image of Tricia Day and Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws

Caption: Tricia Day and Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws

Tricia Day Wiki Table

Name Tricia Day
birthdate The 1980s
birthplace Memphis, Tennessee
Age In her Mid-30s
Net Worth $1 million
Salary N/A
Marital Status Married
Husband JJ Da Boss
Children Four children (Three daughters and one son) and seven step-children
Grandchildren Four grandkids

FAQ Section

  • Who is Tricia Day from Street Outlaws?

Tricia Day is the wife of JJ Da Boss and the racer known as ‘The Midget’ in ‘Street Outlaws.’

  • How old is Tricia Day?

Tricia Day is estimated to be in her mid-30s

  • How tall is Tricia Day?

Tricia Day is approximately 5 feet 4 inches in height.

  • Is Tricia the mom of Doughboy?

Tricia is the step-mother of Doughboy, aka Jonathan Day, after marrying his father, JJ.

  • Are Tricia Day and Precious Cooper Sister?

No, Tricia Day and Precious Cooper are not sister biologically, but they consider themselves to be as close as siblings.

  • How many biological children does Tricia Day have?

Tricia Day has four biological children with JJ Da Boss.

  • How much is Tricia Day worth?

Tricia Day is worth $1 million

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