How Do The Maine Cabin Masters Get Paid? Their Net Worth & Salary

The coronavirus pandemics forced people to stay inside the home and do different kinds of activities to distract themselves, such as tune into various television shows and movies. While some watched fantasy shows or daytime soap dramas like Grey Anatomy, others prefer to keep things more realistic and took advantage of a pandemic.

If you want to renovate your house, but you don’t have any idea how to make changes, then watch the reality show, Maine Cabin Masters, that airs on DIY Networks. The show premiered in 2016, features three contractors, Chase Morrill, his sister Ashley Morrill, Ryan Eldridge, and a team of independent artists.

The contractors deal with their clients and then transform the cabins to beautiful homes. Over the years, the show received lots of love from the clients. So, who are the cast of the show? How much the cast members of the Maine Cabin Masters paid? Read on to know more.

Chase Morrill’s Net worth & Salary

Chase Morrill is the leading cast member of the Maine Cabin Masters. He was born on 25 December 1977, in Maine as the only son of Eric Morrill and Peggy Morrill and. He also has a sister, Ashley, and studied at the College of Atlantic in Bar Harbour and earned a bachelor’s degree.

Image of Chase Morrill
Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast Chase Morrill

Chase Morrill has been living a blissful life with his wife, Sarah Morrill. The reality star has three daughters and one son; Maggie, Nori, Eva, and Eric. Chase makes good money from his appearance on the Maine Cabin Masters. Morrill gathered quite an impressive cash over the years. As of 2020, Chase Morrill’s estimated net worth is approximately $600,000.

Aside from his profession, Chase is very much active on social networking sites such as Instagram. His Instagram user name is “@chasemorrill,” where he has over 3k followers.

Ashely Morrill’s Net Worth and Salary

Ashley Morrill is the sister of Chase Morrill. The brother-sister has an incredible journey around the Pine Tree State, saving rundown cabins buried in Maine’s remote woods. Ashley was born on 27 January 1976 in Maine. She graduated from the University of Maine-Orono.

Image of Ashley Morrill
Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast Ashley Morrill

Ashley gained popularity after she joined the Maine Cabin Masters. She is a designer and showed off her talent to the world through the series. Chase’s sister is married to her long-time boyfriend, Ryan Eldrige. Ryan is also a TV personality. Although the couple hasn’t any child, they are parents of two lovely dogs: Gus and Sadie.

The rising star accumulates quite an impressive fortune over the years. As of 2020, Ashley Morrill’s net worth is said to be around $250,000, but her salary is under review.

Ryan Eldridge Net Worth & Salary

Ryan Eldrighe is famously known as a brother-in-law of Chase Morrill. He is a carpenter of the team. However, there is no information regarding his birth of date, place, and family. So, we have no clue about Ryan’s age. The interesting fact is, Ryan loves watching football, baseball, and playoff hockey.

Image of Ryan Eldrighe and his wife, Ashley Morrill celebrated Christmas together
Caption: Ryan Eldrighe and his wife, Ashley Morrill celebrated Christmas together

Like his wife, Ryan got popularity as the show went to hype. He made his debut on the television in 2017 and has appeared a total of 71 episodes of Maine Cabin Masters. Ryan makes a good buck like other cast members from the show. But we don’t know how much money does he earns per episode.

Ryan Eldrighe’s net worth is about $250,000, which is the same as his wife. According to the source, the team made between $30,000 to $40,000 in profits on the project. Also, Ryan is active on Instagram as “@ryanmeldrige,” where he has over 6k followers.

Matthew Dix Net Worth & Salary

Matthew Dix is better known as Dixie. He is the most intriguing mysterious cast among the Maine Cabin Masters with his rugged looks, long hair, and beard. Each episode on the DIY Network, Dixie and his team renovate a different rundown Maine cabin. But behind the scenes, the team has many projects.

Image of Matthew Dix
Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast Matthew Dix

Unfortunately, we are going to disappoint you even more with what we have about Dixie. We have the very least information about Matthew Dix. Matthew loves Labrador Retrievers. He said they’re loyal, loving, and always happy. When he’s not working, he enjoys being in the woods, fishing, hunting, and hiking.

Like other cast members, Matthew earns significant money from the show. However, we don’t know how much he gets paid per episode from the show. We assured you that he receives above $10,000 salary per episode. Additionally, Matthew Dix’s estimated net worth is about $300,000.

Jared Baker Net Worth & Salary

Jared Baker, aka Jedi, is another cast member of the Maine Cabin Masters. Along with his team, Jedi renovates the old home to a beautiful, idyllist home. He joined Chase Morrill and other cast members of the show Maine Cabin Masters in 2017, and since then, Jedi has been on the show.

Image of Jared Baker
Caption: Jared “Jedi” Baker from Maine Cabin Masters

Jared’s favorite tool is the Dewalt flex volt system. Like other cast members, he rose to prominence after he appeared on DIY Network show, Maine Cabin Masters. Like Ryan and Dix, we collected a few data about Jared.

Jared has long brown hair and has cut it for five years and counting. According to his Facebook profile, Jared studied at Gardiner Area High School, located in Gardiner, Maine. Moreover, the reality stat loves playing Ice hockey and Goalie. Besides, Baker enjoys playing outside on the water, exploring the woods, and roaming the city.

Jared Baker has accumulated a net worth about $250,000. He makes thousands of dollars of salary from the show. However, the actual salary is not available. Furthermore, Jedi is online as “redi54” on Instagram.

Lance Gatcomb Net Worth & Salary

Lance Gatcomb is a former cast member of the Maine Cabin Masters who used to be a core member of the team. Gatcomb appeared on the show until season three. When the show took off to a new height of success in season 4, he wasn’t there. But why did he left the show after season three?

Image of Lance Gatcomb
Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast Lance Gatcomb

According to online sources, Lance disappeared from the Maine Cabin Masters without an explanation. According to the Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page, Lance’s life isn’t all about fun. Lance built his own home. Also, he populated Lance-Land with dozen of chickens, ducks, and more.

Talking about his love life, Lance is married to his wife, Lily. He doesn’t speak much about his personal life on media. So far, all we know is that Lance was born and raised in Maine. His mother’s name is Pamela Gatcomb, and he has two siblings: Elizabeth Anita Davis and Crystal Perkins. After completing graduation from Cony High School, he went to studies at the University of Maine.

Lance is an expert builder and makes decent money. However, he hasn’t mentioned the exact salary that he got paid from the show. Lance Gatcomb estimated net worth is about $350,000. You can also follow him on Facebook.

Brad Weston Net Worth & Salary

Brad Weston is another cast member of the Maine Cabin Masters. Also, he has been a part of the Kennebec Cabin Company team for five years. The viewers of Maine Cabin Masters have seen him grow on the show. During the show, Brad shared about his years playing his college football and also talked about Cabin Masters.

Image of Brad Weston took a snap with her fiancée Carley Hussey
Caption: Brad Weston took a snap with her fiancée Carley Hussey

Although not much information about Brad Weston is given on the internet, such as his relationship status, early life, and family, Brad, 23, graduated from Gardiner Area High School. Then he enrolled at Husson University in 2015 and graduated in 2019.

Brad Weston is engaged to Carle Hussey and has been together for almost a decade. Also, he has a son. The family of three live in Gardiner, Maine. As of July 2020, Brad Weston made his appearance a total of 29 episodes on Maine Cabin Masters since 2017.

Over the years, he garners hundreds of thousands of bucks from the show, but his salary has not been disclosed. According to the relevant sources, Brad Weston’s estimated net worth is approximately $200,000. For further info, check his Facebook profile.

Maine Cabin Masters cast Net Worth: Know how much are they paid?

Casts Name Net Worth Salary
Chase Morrill $600,000 N/A
Ashley Morrill $250,000 N/A
Ryan Eldridge $250,000 N/A
Matthew Dix $300,000 About $10,000
Jared Baker $250,000 N/A
Lance Gatcomb $350,000 N/A
Brad Weston $200,000 N/A

FAQ Section

  • How do Maine Cabin Masters work so cheap?

Maine Cabin Master upcycle materials and use other similar tactics to provide the best services and outcome out of minimum capital.

  • When does Maine Cabin Master’s new season start?

Maine Cabin Masters’s new season starts on 20 July 2020.

  • How much do Maine Cabin Masters get paid per episode?

Maine Cabin Master gets paid about $10k per episode.

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