The Incredible Diane Pol [Dr. Pol’s Wife] Net Worth; Her Married Life & Kids

Wherever you find a successful man, you will find a great woman standing beside him – or standing alongside him when we think of Dr. Pol. The woman standing alongside him will always be his beloved wife, Diane Pol. You can’t think of Incredible Dr. Pol’s overwhelming success by not thinking of the woman who was always there to support him, both emotionally and professionally.

Jan Pol, or known as Incredible Dr. Pol, is a Dutch-native veterinarian whose extraordinary life with the animals is followed by Nat Geo Wild’s reality TV series, “Incredible Dr. Pol.” However, this article will give the spotlight to his wife, Diane Pol, which including her net worth, married life, children, and facts.

Image of Dr. Pol's wife, Diane Pol.
Caption: Dr. Pol’s wife, Diane Pol.

Let’s start from her FAQ section:

Q. How old is Diane Pol?

She is 78 years old as of 2020.

Q. How much does Diane Pol make per episode of “Incredible Dr. Pol”?

She makes an estimated $30,000 per episode.

Q. Where is Diane Pol from?

She is from Mayville, Michigan.

Q. How many children do Diane Pol and Jan Pol have?

They have three children, one son, and two daughters.

Diane Pol’s Wiki/Bio facts

Name Diane K. Dalrymple Pol
Birthplace Mayville, Michigan
Birthdate February 6, 1944
Profession Television Personality, Reading Specialist, and Office Manager
Age 78 years old
Husband Jan Harm Pol
Children Charles Pol, Kathy Pol, and Diane Jr.
Net Worth $5 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Star Sign Aquarius
Social Media Facebook, Twitter

Diane Pol’s Early Life & Childhood

Diane K. Dalrymple Pol was born on February 6, 1944, in Mayville, Michigan. She was raised in Michigan by her parents. She told Nat Geo Wild, “My dad loved animals. He had everything from chickens to rabbits to pigeons to cats to dogs, whatever even a woodchuck!”

“I grew up in the middle of a small rural town, thousand people approximately in the town, and I lived in the middle of a town right by Main Street.”

She is American in nationality and belonging to the ethnicity of that of Caucasian. According to her birthdate, she is 78 years old, as of 2020. Her star sign is Aquarius.

Image of Diane Pol in her early days.
Caption: Diane Pol in her early days.

Career & Occupation

The 78-year-old reality star entered into her schooling life from her hometown, later attending Mayville Community High School. Following her bachelor’s graduation, she registered herself at Michigan State University, specializing in a degree as a reading specialist.

“My wife, Diane, and I were eager to start our practice here in Weidman, Michigan. When the practice opened in 1981, 80% of our practice was dairy, with the remaining 20% equine and small animals.” Dr. Pol told Today’s Veterinary Practise in 2012.

Did you know she was the teacher? Yes, she was, at Harbor Beach Elementary School. She worked as an office manager before she founded an animal care facility “Pol Veterinary Service,” with her husband, Jan Pol.

She is still working as an office manager. Only hard-core fans of Diane Pol know that she worked as an Independent Beauty Consultant at American Cosmetic Company named MARY KAY.

Married life with Dr. Pol. How did they meet?

To know their first meeting, we need to go back in the 1960s when Dr. Pol was a foreign student from the Netherlands, and the host was Diane’s parents. They were high school friends. When Dr. Pol returned to his homeland, their love story continued via letters. When Dr. Pol invited Diane to Holland, they finally tied nuptial knots in 1962.

Image of Diane Pol and Jan Pol on their wedding day.
Caption: Diane Pol and Jan Pol on their wedding day.

After their wedding, they decided to live in Netherland with a motive that Dr. Pol can complete his degree in Veterinary Medicine. After they moved to Michigan, the couple founded the animal care center in 1981, starting from their home.

Meet the Pol Kids

Although they didn’t give birth to children, they didn’t want to let go of their descendants for their vet empire. So, they adopted three children: Charles Pol, Kathy Pol, and Diane Jr.

Image of Diane and Dr. Pol with their lovely children.
Caption: Diane and Dr. Pol with their lovely children.

Their only son, Charles Pol, is currently 41 years old and is married to Beth Pol. Similarly, their youngest daughter, Kathy Pol, is 45 years old. Her son Adam Butch died on September 18, 2019, with the reason unrevealed. Whereas, their eldest daughter Diane Jr, started living with them from 8 years old, however, officially adopting her in her 18’s.

Diane Pol’s Net Worth

Diane Pol enjoys an estimated net worth of $5 million. She makes an estimated $30,000 per episode of Nat Geo Wild’s “Incredible Dr. Pol.”

Is Diane Pol Active on Social Media?

We couldn’t find any official accounts of Diane Pol in social media. However, her husband, Dr. Pol, has been an active social media user. Dr. Pol posted on Facebook highlighting the alert about his fake Facebook accounts captioning, “Be careful about fake profiles posting false information on Facebook! Here’s how you can help if you see scams like these.”

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