How did Dr. Pol’s Grandson, Adam James Butch Die? His Bio, Family & Obituary

Depression is one of the biggest factors that are killing our youth today, a phenomenon that is causing parents and grandparents the utmost sorrow of having to lose their young children. It is a curse that even celebrities suffer, maybe even at a higher pace than us commoners. One of the stars who also became a victim of such evil faith is our favorite doctor Jan Pol who lost his grandson, Adam James Butch, at a very young age.

Learn everything about Dr. Jan Pol’s grandson, Adam James Butch. How and why did he die? Also, find out the rest of his personal and family life here.

Adam James Butch Dead at 23 years old

Adam James Butch was found dead in his home on September 18, 2019. Being born on August 20, 1996, he was just 23 years old at his death. Adam James Butch was born to parents Kathlene Pol Butch and the late Gregory Butch. He leaves behind his mother and younger sister, Rachel Butch, according to his obituary.

Image of Adam James Butch died at the age of 23
Caption: Adam James Butch died at the age of 23

Likewise, he also leaves behind both sets of his grandparents, Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol, as well as his paternal grandparents, Thomas and JoAnne Butch. Adam Butch was suffering from depression, but we have no confirmation on whether it was a suicide or not. We understand the severe sensitivity of the matter and will pry no further into the cause of the death of Adam James Butch.

Adam James Butch lived a Happy Life

Adam James Butch lived a very happy life before his passing. He was a pupil of Holy Family Middle school and a graduate from All Saints High School. When graduating from high school in 2014, Adam was in the school’s National Honor Society and a member of the Varsity Football Team. He went on from there to attend Michigan State University.

Image of  Adam James Butch with his sister Rachel Butch
Caption: Adam James Butch with his sister Rachel Butch

Almost right after graduation, he began working as a teaching assistant for computer science while also being a relay for Life Committee. He finally made his way back home and wanted to do some work to help other people. He followed his maternal grandparents and mother into medicine working in Rite Aid Pharmacy after successfully getting his certificate as a pharmacy technician.

According to his Obituary, Adam was a kind, generous and friendly person who could easily make friends. Aside from his career, he had a lot of hobbies like playing his guitar, making music, merely spending time with his friends and going out.

Image of Adam Butch with his father, mother, and sister
Caption: Adam Butch with his father, mother, and sister

Adam James Butch’s Father Passed Away Few Years Earlier

Adam James Butch had only lost his father a few years ago. Butch’s father, Gregory Butch died on February 20, 2016, at the age of 50, following a long battle with cancer. Life with Adam, the Butch family preferred to keep their privacy during such tough times of mourning. However, we could tell from a few pictures that he was in a severe condition and health problem.

Image of Adam James Butch's father, Gregory Butch died from cancer
Caption: Adam James Butch’s father, Gregory Butch died from cancer

Adam James Butch’s father was an alum of Delta College and a chemical technologist at the Dow Corning for over 22 years.

Who is Adam Butch’s Mother, Kathy Butch?

Kathy Butch or Kathy Pol Butch is the youngest daughter of Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol, stars of the hit national geographic show, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol. The Pols adopted her along with her two other siblings, Charles Pol and Diane Pol Jr. She married Gregory Butch on July 30, 1995, in Corpus Christi Parish-Holy Trinity Church in Bay City, Michigan.

Image of Kathleen Pol Butch with her late husband, Adam Butch
Caption: Kathleen Pol Butch with her late husband, Adam Butch

They remain married despite all the ups and downs, including her husband’s illness and then eventual unfortunate death. They have two children together, Adam and Rachel. We don’t have much information on Adam’s sister, but she seems and well and moving on with her life according to her social media activity. She has a big floral tattoo on her left shoulder and arm and is currently dating a boyfriend by the name of Bryce Eyre.

Image of Adam Vutch's sister Rachel Mae's recent photo
Caption: Adam Vutch’s sister Rachel Mae’s recent photo

She does not appear in the limelight quite as often as her brother or parents, but she has a few episodes of appearance. She did follow her parents into the field of medicine, becoming a phlebotomist in the McLaren Bay region of Michigan after graduating from Chippewa High School.

Adam Butch Social Media Activities

Adam Butch does have a Facebook profile, but he wasn’t very active on it. He did post a new profile picture now and then, but other than that, you would have barely got to hear of him through social media. However, we were able to know that he got a new job at the Rite Aid Pharmacy on September 12 as a technician on September 11, 2019.

Yes, it was just days before his death that he made the news public, which makes us question our feeling that he died through suicide. Fans of Dr. Pol may remember his short guest appearance in a 2017 episode of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ His name appeared in the credits scene to respect his memory.

FAQs on Adam James Butch

  1. What did Adam Butch die of?

The cause of Adam Butch’s death has not been revealed by his family yet. There is a strong belief that Adam James was suffering from depression and likely took his own life through suicide. However, no confirmations are there that this was a suicide.

2. What happened to Adam James Butch Dr. Pol’s grandson?

Dr. Pol’s grandson, Adam James Butch, died on September 18, 2019. He was just 23 years old.

3. Who is Adam James Butch?

Adam Butch is the grandson of Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pole. He is the son of their daughter Kathy Pol with his late husband, Gregory Butch.

4. How many grandchildren does Dr. Pol have?

Dr. Pol has three grandchildren that we know of. One of them was Adam James Butch, and the second was his sister, Rachel Butch. Charles Pol also gave birth to his daughter, Abigail Pol, on October 19, 2019.

5. Was Adam James Butch in an accident?

We are not sure the cause of the death of Adam Butch yet. People believe that it may be a suicide, but it may very well be some in-door accident.

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