Facts About Dr. Emily Thomas on Dr. Pol; Why She Left, Where is She Now, Her Husband & Children

“I hated to see her leave, she is a sweetheart and such a hard worker and hardly ever complained”, a fan uttered.

“Why did Dr. Emily leave the show?” is the question every “The Incredible Dr. Pol” fans wonder about. Although Dr. Emily was not the original cast of the show, her arrival in the show, specifically in 2015, added a lot of new faces in the fan-following of Nat Geo’s reality television series.

Image of Dr.Pol vet Dr. Emily Thomas
Caption: Dr. Pol vet Dr. Emily Thomas

Why did she leave? What is he doing in 2020? Along with these questions, fans are inquisitive to know her personal life including her married life, husband, children, and Net Worth too. Don’t Worry, these questions will be answered, however, let us start with her wiki/biofacts!

Dr. Emily Thomas’ Wiki/Bio Facts

Name Dr. Emily Thomas
Date of Birth 1984
Place of Birth Warner Robins, Georgia
Profession Reality TV Personality, Veterinarian
Age 35 years old
Marital Status Married
Spouse Tony
Children 3 (Oscar Thomas, India Thomas, and Calvin Thomas)
Hair Colour Blonde
Net Worth $500,000
Nationality American

Who is Dr.Emily Thomas?

Dr.Emily Thomas is a 35-year-old reality television star and a professional veterinarian, probably gaining the limelight after appearing in Nat Geo’s reality TV series, “Incredible Dr. Pol“. She is American in nationality while her ethnicity is white.

 Early Life and Education

Surprisingly, information about her early life and parents is not disclosed yet. We don’t even know her exact date of birth. Many sources have confirmed that she was born in 1984 somewhere near Warner Robins, Georgia. She is hardworking, passionate, and naturalistic. As far as we know, she was raised in the natural atmosphere of Warner Robins, Georgia.

After completing her primary and secondary education from her hometown, she enrolled at the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Science. She graduated in 2010, therefore, earning the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She specialized in the treatment of exotic animal species and equine reproduction.


At first, she started eyeing the opportunity to jump towards the private vet practice. She, eventually, started working as a vet in private practice based in Newberry, South Carolina. After several years of independent vet practice, she opened the new doorway to his career, the doorway of practicing vet behind the cameras.

Dr. Emily Thomas Married life & Children

The blonde beauty shares home with her long-time husband, Tony. After several years of dating a high school friend, Thomas tied the nuptial knots with Tony in 2007. Well, she is an expert in keeping her life private even after years of working behind a camera.

Image of The sneak peek of Dr.Emily enjoying with her family.
Caption: The sneak peek of Dr. Emily enjoying with her family.

Did you know she is the mother of three lovely kids? Yes, she welcomed three kids in her home, one daughter and two sons. The youngest one is the son named Calvin Thomas who was born in 2018.

“Tony, India, Oscar, and I were pretty happy with just the four of us. When coming up with kids’ names when we were dating, India and Oscar appeared and that was it. Tony, being raised most of his life with one sibling, thought two children were plenty. Me, being raised with two siblings and a whole onslaught of cousins near-by thought at LEAST three. “

Image of The Photo took by Emily's friend, Alex Mikus right after Calvin was born.
Caption: The Photo took by Emily’s friend, Alex Mikus right after Calvin was born.

Similarly, Oscar Thomas was born in 2015. The 5-year-old Oscar is the second child of Dr. Emily and Tony. Their first child and the eldest one is a daughter named India Thomas was born in 2013.

How rich is Dr. Emily Thomas?

You are interested in knowing how much is she worth, aren’t you? Well, according to the sources, she has accumulated the net worth of an estimated $500,000 so far.

Why did she leave “Incredible Dr. Pol?”

In 2015, she moved to Weidman, Michigan where she joined the original cast of “Incredible Dr. Pol” along with the show idealist and famous Dutch Veterinarian, Jan Pol, nicknamed Dr. Pol, and his wife, Diane Pol, not to forget the show creator and their adopted son, Charles Pol. She also worked alongside senior staff, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger.

After appearing in almost 80 episodes, she decided to wave goodbye to the cast in its 16th season. If you don’t already know, it was the stress and anxiety that she got working behind the camera with three tiny kids that forced her to leave the show. According to her, she used to be in calls every time which gave her stress, even suicidal thoughts.

Specifically, it was after the birth of Oscar. She wrote in her blog that she even consulted with some of the professionals to deal with it. Even, the daily medication didn’t help her. As a result, her therapist and friends pushed her to reach out and find a better job.

I would take a huge hit with the salary, having Nat Geo paying me twice as much as my vet salary, but I had to escape the darkness.

What Is She Doing Now?

After she decided to leave “The Incredible Dr. Pol” finalized, Emily with her family moved to Virginia. She is working as an independent veterinarian based in Virginia. Compared to that in Dr. Pol, she is majoring in small animals which sounds like a lot less pressure!

“I found this job that I have now, a small animal only. No on-call. . . I. AM. LOVING. IT”, she wrote in her blog.

With a lot less salary in Virginia, she is speculated to have involved in secondary jobs to pay mortgage payments. According to the cleansheet.com, the couple had decided to sell their home of Michigan, however, it didn’t become likely to happen due to some of the technical issues.

As of now, Dr. Emily is living her best life in Virginia with a lot less stress and most importantly, NO PHONE CALLS!

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