Charles Pol is Married to Girlfriend-Turned-Wife, Beth Pol. His Net Worth & Baby

“Charles, who is going to want to watch me? I’m an old guy; I do things my way, and — I’ve said this so many times — we will be criticized. And who wants to watch me do my work?”

It was the first words of Dr. Pol said when Charles pitched an idea of capturing their exquisite glimpse of caring animals in a TV series to them.

Jan Ham Pol and Diane Pol’s incredible vet empire is captured in the cameras of DIY Network’s “Incredible Dr. Pol.” Jan Pol is a Dutch-native famous veterinarian and reality television star. Well, this man needs no introduction, and so do his wife.

However, we are going to give limelight to their adopted son, Charles Pol’s life. Here, you will know about his net worth, baby, wiki/bio, ex-girlfriend, and don’t forget to meet his newborn baby, Abigail Pol.

Image of Charles Pol
Caption: Charles Pol

FAQ Section:

Q. What does Charles Pol do for a living?

Charles Pol is a TV actor, producer, and executive producer of his family show “Incredible Dr. Pol.”

Q. How old is Charles Pol?

He is 41 years old.

Q. Is Charles Pol adopted?

Yes, he is adopted by Dr. Pol and his wife, Diane Pol.

Q. Is Charles Pol is still married?

Yes, Charles is still married to his wife, Beth Pol.

Q. Did Charles have his baby?

He has a newborn baby named Abigail Pol.

Q. Is Charles Pol a vet?

No, he is not a vet.

Q. When did Charles Pol get married?

Charles Pol got married in 2018.

Q. How much does Charles Pol make per episode?

He makes $15000 per episode.

Q. How much is Charles Pol’s worth?

Charles Pol has a Net worth of $2 million.

Q. What happened to Charles Pol’s ex-girlfriend, Kelly?

They broke up in 2012.

Q. Does Charles Pol live with his parents?

Yes, he lives with his parents and his wife, Beth, in Michigan.

Q. How many children does Charles Pol have? Name?

Charles and Beth have one new-born baby. Her name is Abigail Pol.

Who is Charles Pol?

Charles Pol is an American reality TV personality, showrunner, and producer. He is famous for being the youngest child of “Incredible Dr. Pol” star Jan Pol and Diane Pol. He is the idealist and mastermind behind the success of DIY’s “Incredible Dr. Pol.”

Charles Pol Age & Birthday

Charles Pol was born on 6th March 1979 in Central Michigan‘s farm country. As of today, Charles is 41 years old. His father is a Dutch; however, he is American in Nationality. He has two siblings, Kathy Pol and Diane Jr., all of whom are adopted. Charles’s zodiac sign is that of Pisces.

Image of Dr.Pol's adopted son, Charles Pol.
Caption: Dr. Pol’s adopted son, Charles Pol.

Charles Pol’s Career

Charles Pol was raised in a rural farm country of Central Michigan, which ultimately helped him to like animals around him. He started helping his father at an early age of 5, especially in farm calls and taking care of the animals. Charles’s parents expected him to become a vet; however, he was determined to choose another profession other than a veterinarian.

Image of Charles Pol convinced his father to do a TV show
Caption: Charles Pol convinced his father to do a TV show

Dr. Pol started Charles’s schooling from his hometown. Later, he graduated from the University of Miami in 2003 with a degree in communication. He moved to Los Angeles with high ambitions, which ultimately paved his path towards the TV industry and Hollywood. He took acting classes and started as a med student in successful production companies.

Did you know that he worked as an intern for a famous late Hollywood actor, Sydney Pollack? Apart from this, he got respectable jobs in production companies like Paramount Pictures, Mirage Enterprises, and Parkway Production.

When he was working in Nickelodeon Network in the 2000s trying to pitch some ideas about TV shows, the idea about a farm vet in TV show struck his mind and approached his father. According to Dr. Pol, he hesitated at first.

However, when Charles said,” You’re dealing with life and death all the time, and doing it with patients who can’t tell you where it hurts, besides this, you’re the character”, Dr. Pol made his mind to feature in a TV show.

Dr. Pol told Chicago Tribune” He’s my son and if I can help him I will. We never thought anything would come out of it. Sure, you can film us. Do it!”

Charles Pol Married Life with Beth Pol. Is she Pregnant Again?

Unlike Charles Pol, not everyone is blessed with relationships. His present wife, Beth Oakes, was his childhood friend. Evolving from the friendship to marital relationship, Charles married Beth in 2018.

Image of Charles Pol with his wife and his new-born baby
Caption: Charles Pol with his wife and his new-born baby

Charles announced that he was engaged to his childhood friend, Beth Oakes, through a social media post in which he posted his white shining engagement ring. Specifically, it was in 2017. Before their engagement, Beth and Charles appeared in season 12 of “Incredible Dr. Pol,” which confirmed their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend.

On the dawn of October 19, 2019, the new member added to the Pol family, the lovely daughter of Charles and Beth Pol. They named her Abigail. Is she pregnant again? Well, they have been a little secretive about it. But, as far as we know, she is not pregnant again.

Charles Pol Net worth and Salary

Charles Pol has an estimated Net worth of $2 million and makes $15,000 per episode of “Incredible Dr. Pol.”

What happened to his Ex-girlfriend, Kelly?

Before being in the relationship with Beth, he was close to Kelly. Well, Charles didn’t confirm it, but his image with Kelly at a Halloween Party did. In 2012, Charles’s sister Diane Jr. shared an image of him and Kelly in 2012, highlighting Kelly as his girlfriend.

However, his relationship with Kelly didn’t work out, but it did one thing, proved all the speculations that said, “Charles is a gay” wrong.

Image of Charles with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly.
Caption: Charles with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly.

As of now, Charles is no longer in relationship with Kelly and moved on into his new married life with Beth Oakes.

Charles Pol’s Social Media Updates

As of his monotonous professional life, he doesn’t give much time to social media. However, he sometimes uses his official Twitter account. He doesn’t share much of his matters, but he does share some of his father’s post.

Charles has 24000 followers on Twitter.

Caption: Baby Camels on Board? Incredible Dr. Pol

Charles Pol’s Wiki Facts

Name Charles Pol
Birthdate 6th March 1979.
Birthplace Central Michigan
Parents Jan Ham Pol (Father) and Diane Pol (Mother)
Siblings Kathy Pol, and Diane Jr
Profession TV Actor, producer, and reality star
Nationality American
Zodiac Pisces
Wife Beth Oakes
Children Abigail Pol
Net Worth Almost $3 Million

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